Stinson Beach

Stinson Beach’s beach boardwalk, bathhouse plaza, overlooks and picnic areas are all part of universal accessibility upgrades to one of Northern California’s most popular public beaches. Bringing people down to the sandy shore along a dune grass-lined ramp from the renovated outdoor shower plaza surrounding the public bathhouse and restroom, the boardwalk with its associated seating is designed in response to shifting sands at the beach.

Additional enhanced picnic amenities—tables, grills, water fountains, and a re-striped parking lot optimizing parking space quantity—complement a suite of universal access improvements including expanded accessible parking, new accessible pathways, companion seating, wheelchair lockers and beach wheelchairs.

Existing wetlands were delineated, preserved, and featured in the new arrangement of visitor facilities.


Stinson Beach, West Marin, CA


±20 acres




Golden Gate National Recreation Area


Siegel and Strain Architects (Architecture)
Sherwood Design Engineers (Civil Engineers)


Schematic Design - Construction Documentation

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