Reds Meadow Valley

Reds Meadow Valley is a popular scenic Inyo National Forest camping destination in the high Sierras on the western slope of Mammoth Mountain at the headwaters of the San Joaquin River.  This is the place where the John Muir Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail converge attracting backcountry trekkers, day use visitors, and multi-day car-campers alike.  126 six-person campsites are distributed among five separate campgrounds throughout the valley in addition to four campgrounds for groups ranging from 20-50 people each.  The valley also includes an amphitheater, a backcountry trailhead staging area, and a small rustic resort with stables.  Over the years, the campers have encroached incrementally into the riverside wetlands and have generally expanded the campsites throughout the forests, seriously degrading both the natural wetland and upland environments.

JNRA, with assistance from environmental consultants WRA, redesigned the campgrounds to restore 12 acres of wetlands and interrelated natural habitats by rerouting vehicular circulation and parking, relocating and clearly delineating campsites, adjusting restroom capacity, and clarifying trail connections while meeting ADA requirements and USFS design standards.  Each campground has been reconceived as an integral part of the natural environment while minimizing impacts and correcting past incursions.  The changes improve the quality of the camping experience while restoring significantly degraded natural habitats of the National Forest.  The changes are also part of a systemwide effort to improve water quality for the entire San Joaquin River watershed from the top of the mountains to the San Francisco Bay.


Inyo National Forest, Mammoth, California


22 acres




John Muir Trails Wilderness Conservancy and US Forest Service


WRT Environmental Consultants


Schematic Site and Restoration Design

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