Julia Morgan Hall

This historic building on the National Register of Historic Places was relocated from UC Berkeley’s main lower campus to the UC Botanical Garden in the Berkeley hills. Known as Senior Women’s Hall in its former siting by the Haas business school, Julia Morgan Hall was renamed after its relocation and renovation to reflect its revered local architect.

The building is quite at home in its new garden setting, due to its careful view siting, orientation along the hill’s contours, and a suite of fully accessible paths.  Re-purposed as a special events venue in the Botanic Garden, the building reinforces the visitor entry spaces and helps orient visitors to the garden collections. Salvaged stone boulders, low stone walls and curbs, and timber steps highlight the rustic elegant character of the historic building.


UC Berkeley Botanical Garden, Berkeley, CA


8,650 SF




UC Berkeley


Siegel & Strain Architects (Architect)


Preservation Award, Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association, 2015
Preservation Design Award, California Preservation Foundation, 2016

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