EBRPD Visitor Centers

JNRA has prepared conceptual site plans for new East Bay Regional Park District (EBRPD) Visitor and Educational Centers at Coyote Hills Regional Park, Point Pinole Regional Shoreline, and Tilden Park.  The new buildings will serve as the primary point of contact for park visitors with interpretive and educational functions, community facilities, District resource centers, and park staff/ranger functions. Complementary site improvements include wholly accessible outdoor classrooms, gathering areas for outdoor programs, interpretive exhibits, amphitheatres, trail links, parking, and bus drop offs.  Each project included extensive site analysis, community outreach, evaluation of alternative development scenarios, and final selection and approval of a preferred design concept.

The new Coyote Hills Visitor Center will replace an existing substandard building and will host the park’s prolific interpretive, craft, ritual, recreational, and naturalist programming activities, including rare museum exhibits and seasonal crafts, birding, kayaking, and the annual Ohlone Gathering. Freed from the former military barrack from which it currently operates, the new complex will nearly double visitor capacity, with expanded outdoor classrooms, amphitheatre, vivarium, nectar garden, kayak rental, and separation from park maintenance functions.  Parking will be relocated to open unobstructed views and trails from the visitor complex to the vast bayfront marshes.

The Point Pinole Regional Shoreline project was a feasibility study of alternative locations for the new Visitor Center building and associated site developments resulting in a preferred alternative.  Extensive site analysis and community outreach settled on a prominent, previously disturbed hilltop site near parking and with good access to the park’s rich natural and cultural resources.  The selected location would preserve and enhance the surrounding rare coastal prairie that is re-establishing throughout the park.  In addition to serving the needs of the immediate park visitors, the facility will also serve as a regional recreational resource for the District and a place for local community gatherings.

The new Tilden Environmental Education Center will replace the existing single substandard building with a fully accessible complex of interconnected buildings around complementary outdoor interpretive and educational spaces, including direct links with the adjacent Little Farm, park trails, and the park’s nature preserves.  The building complex is conceived as an integrated permeable extension of the landscape setting, rather than a separate single structure. The facility will serve as the park’s primary natural and cultural resource educational facility and will itself be a model of environmentally responsible design.


Fremont, CA (Coyote Hills Regional Park Visitor Center) Richmond, CA (Point Pinole Regional Shoreline Visitor Center) Berkeley, CA (Tilden Environmental Education Center)


Coyote Hills Visitor Center – ±7 acres Point Pinole Visitor Center – ±5 acres Tilden Environmental Education Center – ±2 acres


Point Pinole Visitor Center - Concept Plans 2016 Tilden Environmental Education Center – Concept Plans 2017 Coyote Hills Visitor Center – Concept Plans 2019


East Bay Regional Park District


Coyote Hills Visitor Center – Shah Kawasaki Architects
Point Pinole Visitor Center – Shah Kawasaki Architects
Tilden Environmental Education Center – Siegel & Strain Architects


Conceptual Design

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