East Bay Gardens

The Alvarez Baxter Residence is built on a steep west-facing hillside. A small terraced garden complements a remodeled Japanese-style home, with restored native woodlands on the exterior slope.

The Isaac-Reiner garden, on a small sloping downhill lot in the Berkeley hills, replaced an overgrown yard, a former driveway, and a garage turnaround in the rear of the building. Features include a generous terrace with a colored concrete seatwall/garden overlook, new decks, screened storage, a shade structure, a small garden pavilion, and richly textured drought-tolerant plantings.

The Rubinfeld Residence has a dramatic entry courtyard and lush rear gardens.  The entry court is a full story below the street level garden. Rear gardens on the steep site feature colorful drought-tolerant plants and meandering paths interwoven with a dry streambed.


Piedmont, CA (Alvarez Baxter Residence)
Berkeley, CA (Reiner Residence)
Berkeley, CA (Rubinfeld Residence)




2004 - 2008


Scott Wynn (Architect – Alvarez/Baxter)
Janice Weingrod (Interiors – Rubinfeld and Isaac-Reiner)


Concept through Construction Administration

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