Chavez Solar Calendar

A solar calendar in Berkeley’s César Chávez Park is an earthwork memorial to the renowned labor leaders Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta. JNRA, Santiago Casal (project director), and artist Scott Donahue prepared the original plans for the project with assistance from Lawrence Hall of Science, Exploratorium, Berkeley public schools, associates of César Chávez, and the local CCC.  Over the years, under Santiago Casal’s guidance, the memorial has been continually enriched with a variety of interpretive and educational elements and lovingly maintained by the community of supporters.  A special place that honors creativity, community, the rhythm of the seasons, the power of community organizing, and the values of two remarkable visionary leaders has been created for seasonal gatherings, special events, personal meditation, and outdoor classroom activities.


Berkeley, CA


0.3 acres




City of Berkeley


Santiago Casal (Project Director)
Scott Donahue (Artist)
Lawrence Hall of Science
Berkeley Public Schools
Associates of Cesar Chavez


Concept Design and Construction Administration

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