Berkeley Global Campus

Located on a San Francisco Bayfront site in Richmond, CA, The Berkeley Global Campus at Richmond Bay was slated to become a new 10,000-person University of California research and education center dedicated to training future international leaders and addressing issues of global significance found throughout the world.  The intent of this public academic/research institution is to share facilities with private research interests for common purposes as a laboratory for learning, experimentation, and creative resolution of global problems.

JNRA teamed with Siegel & Strain Architects as one of five selected finalists, from an international pool of 47 applicants, in an ‘Ideas Competition’ to prepare a master plan for the Global Campus.  We approached the project as a structured improvisation as a long term strategy to adapt to change, proposing a balanced ecologically-based arrangement of the physical and natural environments that accommodated sea level rise with long term habitat protections in an ecological continuum from the water’s edge through the upland heart of the campus.  The bayfront location and related site ecology are the central defining features of the 5.4 million building square foot campus, embraced by an urban academic and research village on high ground with seamless connections to the adjacent community of Richmond.

Our approach to the site design was to create a place that itself embodies the change that it will be teaching; encouraging experimentation, creativity, interaction, and ecological responsibility in all aspects of the physical environment that is envisioned.  At this place, the students will be able to experience first-hand the changes that are possible.


Richmond, CA


135 acres (5.4 Million Building Square Feet)




UC Berkeley


Siegel & Strain (Architect)

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